Bring Your own device

BYOD Prezi

I attended an ICT for Education Conference in Nottingham this week that had an interesting presentation by Paul Hynes, the Vice Principal of George Spencer Academy, Nottingham @buffetking.

There were a large amount of Primary and Secondary school representatives that were interested in tablets/iPads for their schools. Mr Hynes showcased a model his school had implemented that encouraged students to bring their own devices and use them as the teachers saw fit. His school had rolled out free, filtered wireless internet with no password and allowed students to bring in any devices they wanted. It was an interesting presentation that had me wanting to see how teachers implemented this in classes.

A major point was raised about the choice of tablets available (in excess of 200 models) and how schools regularly opted for the lower specced and higher costing iPad with no concrete reasoning for their choice. He also drew on the ‘fad’ of apps and rightly pointed out that for each app there was a website that did the same and would more than likely be free. HTML 5 has changed the landscape of the web and allows sites to incorporate many fantastic features without locking them to an individual app.

Lastly Mr Hynes talked about the expenditure schools were laying out for tablets and the result of damaging the devices. He used an example of a school in Kent that bought 1200 iPads, of which 489 needed replacing in the first year. Resulting in a staggering £200k to replace. Yes, their insurance covered the cost but the schools premium was £15k which begged the questions “How long will insurance companies carry on paying out?” – Obviously it would also be paid for by raising everyone else premiums.

He made his Prezi available for all to see –


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