Schemes of Work and Resources

By ClickSchool

The Car Boot Sale  –  ICT Skills for 2012/2013 – The Car Boot Sale. Ideal for KS3 and KS4. Covering file management, recording sources, databases, digital adverts, e-newsletters, evaluating, word processing, animated web banners, spreadsheet event modelling, audio clips and logos. Over 110 pages of easy to use tutorials. NB the spreadsheet tutorial (part III) has now been corrected! (2nd June 2013)

My Business Empire – Students create documents for their own business empire. Requires Inkscape (free), Serif PagePlus, Word and Excel. Students are more motivated when they can choose their own business idea over being given an existing business idea to work with.

Penguin Crew – Students end up with their own Top Trumps card game. Learn how to draw, generate random data, collaborate, design playing cards and merge the data together. Tried and tested! Requires Inkscape (free), PagePlus (Buy from Serif), Excel (2003 or above).

Other Resources

By @MrAColley –

KS3 ICT level descriptors.  This is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution/ Non-Commercial,/ShareAlike License.
Creative Commons Licence
KS3 ICT Level Descriptors by Andy Colley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

KS3 Programme of Study.

Youtube channel with tutorial videos (mostly Scratch & Flash CS5 at the moment).

Matt Britland‘s rather spiffy KS3 programme of study.

The #ictcurric Moodle – Stuffed with great schemes of work by some brilliant ICT teachers.

The #digitalstudies Wiki – A great repository of projects and useful links sorted by topic. Really thorough.

The #rethinkingict Wiki – Another brilliant wiki with loads of links and resources. Covers EYFS through to KS3.

@mwclarkson’s lovely Mukoku resources site.

Programming Dojo. A nice site to compare programming languages with an educational focus.

Learn to code with these great FREE sites and resources:

Primary – Y7

Scratch – the visual programming language. Superb and really engaging. Check out my Youtube channel for loads of fun projects.

Kodu – Microsoft’s visual environment. Works with ‘if this then that style commands. Also available on XBox (though not for free).

Computer Science Unplugged – Quality scheme of work for teaching CS without computers. Also great for y7/8 introduction to the subject.

Secondary upwards

Digital Schoolhouse  – some of the most comprehensive and relevant resources I’ve seen for teaching computing. Uses a lot of Scratch too.

Codeacademy – does the lot! HTML, Javascript, Python, Ruby. Really great.


Learn HTML and CSS in 30 days – some more advanced stuff here.  Good for Y9 upwards.


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