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Wallwisher – Now Padlet


I’m sure many have already been introduced to wallwisher.  (http://www.wallwisher.com/)* Now Padlet (http://padlet.com/) It’s an excellent Web 2.0 application, (hosted online) which is the equivalent of a giant sticky board. It is useful in a number of different ways:

The teacher creates a page topic in wallwisher, as in the history example below, and asks students for contributions on the topic. This can be a timed exercise during class, or can be used as preparation during homework. The full version of this one is at


Alternatively, a group of students create a page in wallwisher and discuss their contributions with the rest of the class, as well as asking for further opinions. The one below is at http://padlet.com/wall/rainforestfacts

The beauty of the application is that one simply double clicks on the page to insert information and this can be in the form of a comment, a URL, an image or a video clip.

For further excellent ideas on how to use Wallwisher in the classroom, see Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher. To create your own wall, follow these instructions.